handmade fine pottery for the modern home & garden

garden pots

Schall Studio & Design Garden Pots are suitable for outside and inside use. Available three standard designs, plus custom designs and sizes. All pieces are exceptionally durable and are high fired to 2200 degrees. To ensure use for decades, it is recommended they be brought inside before deep freezes.

Shown: orchid pot with birds in lemon; button pot in mandarin and lemon; and tall top hat in lemon on terra cotta.


Top Hats. Shown: squat hat in green apple, 5.5" high x 10" wide; small hat in turquoise, 7" high x 9" wide; large hat in cherry, 9" high x 11" wide. The clay body for Top Hats is terra cotta, so glazes are slightly muted.
squat hat in green apple
small turquoise top hat
tall red top hat