handmade fine pottery for the modern home & garden

bud vases

Schall Studio & Design Bud Vases add instant color to any room. Available in three shapes and unlimited colors.

Shown: Gum Drop Vases in assorted colors.


Classic Bud Vases, three sizes. Shown in green apple and turquoise; cherry and lemon.

Height: 6", 7", 8 1/2"

bud vases greens
bud vases reds



Small Jeannie Vases. Shown in mandarin; turquoise; cherry; sky; lemon; siren; green apple; midnight (foreground).

Height: 5"

mini jeannie vases


Gum Drop Vases. Shown in (clockwise from left): green apple to lemon; mandarin to lemon; turquoise to sky; siren to lemon; turquoise to green apple; lemon to mandarin; cherry to lemon; midnight to sky (middle).

Diameter: 4"

gum drop vases